last_update: 2024-04-22 | what's a now page?

so, the keen-eyed among you might notice the website's looking a bit different. no surprise that i managed to go down the web dev rabbit hole, and pretty much remade the website.

although i'm not super happy with having spent 20+ hours on this project (again), i'm very happy with the initial results, and i'm glad that i got acquainted with the 'latest' ways of developing and hosting a website. there's more info on the technical details of the overhaul on the repo's README. might even write something up later. for now, i'd rather close this chapter and work on something new.

besides that, all is well! i've recently updated my workflow to finally include tmux, and that couldn't have gone better. everything feels seamless and the only thing stopping my progress is how fast i can type/write commands down.

other than that, no big news! i want to ride this wave of productivity i've been feeling the last couple of days to get cool stuff done.